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chrisie and alan's wedding in bali

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It was a wonderful experience to shoot for Chrisie and Alan’s wedding in Bali last October. I always tell my clients that I love destination weddings, especially those held at resorts with sun and sea, where the couple and all of the guests can relax and have fun . Having shot for many traditional weddings in Hong Kong, I notice that most clients will rush to finish a busy schedule on their big day without really enjoying the process. When making a comparison, I can say that the atmosphere and feelings of a destination wedding are so much better.

Thanks Chrisie and Alan for inviting me to shoot at your beautiful wedding in Bali. I particularly like those photos taken at the ceremony which was held at the Infinity Chapel of Conrad Bali. I tried to shoot from different angles, starting from your march-in outside the Chapel to your touching vows and warm hugs during the ceremony inside the Chapel with the lovely sea view as background. It wasn’t an easy task, but I hope both of you appreciate my planning and the way I document your wedding.

I look forward to shooting another destination wedding soon.

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