chrisie and alan's wedding in bali

It was a wonderful experience to shoot for Chrisie and Alan’s wedding in Bali last October. I always tell my clients that I love destination weddings, especially those held at resorts with sun and sea, where the couple and all of the guests can relax and have fun . Having shot for many traditional weddings in Hong Kong, I notice that most clients will rush to finish a busy schedule on their big day without really enjoying the process.  When making a comparison, I can say that the atmosphere and feelings of a destination wedding are so much better.

Thanks Chrisie and Alan for inviting me to shoot at your beautiful wedding in Bali. I particularly like those photos taken at the ceremony which was held at the Infinity Chapel of Conrad Bali. I tried to shoot from different angles, starting from your march-in outside the Chapel to your touching vows and warm hugs during the ceremony inside the Chapel with the lovely sea view as background. It wasn’t an easy task, but I hope both of you appreciate my planning and the way I document your wedding.

I look forward to shooting another destination wedding soon.

Ceremony at Infinity Chapel of Conrad Bali 
Moring session and dinner banquet at Semara Villa Resort

A specially designed wedding gown for Chrisie by the famous Noel Chu. Her signature “swim suit feature” has been incorporated to this design. 

Chrisie’s father keeps recording the wedding with his hand held video cam, so sweet!

Games time begins! 

Nice performance by Alan and his groomsmen! 

 Pretty bride Chrisie is ready! 

I like this shot very much, I love their genuine smile! 

I really love the design of Chrisie’s wedding gown! It allows Chrisie to show off her very nice body figure.  

 Their wedding logo is printed on the cups, nice! 

 Wedding ceremony begins! 

The wide angle shot can best capture the moment when Chrisie and her father were marching in slowly into the Chapel. 


Chrisie and Alan had their music performance at the banquet, they gained so much applause! 


The first dance!