joyce and alvan's wedding

I would like to share with you a lovely wedding I shot in late March this year, the wedding of Joyce and Alvan. This is the kind of wedding I like most. Without a busy full day schedule; they just had a small scale ceremony plus a cozy party with only a small group of close family members and friends. We had a very relaxing day and good enough time to do some portraits inside the hotel.

Joyce has previewed the photos and she kindly told me that she loves the way I photographed her wedding, for that I included the emotions of other people in the pictures especially her parents which she should have missed it otherwise. I thank Joyce for sharing her comments with me and I just want to let her know that to take “story-telling” photos is my goal and I am happy that she appreciates what I have done for her. My heartfelt thanks to Joyce and Alvan once again, for all your support, trust and encouragement.


The girls’ make-up time

Lovely wedding shoes

Wow, handsome groom and a group of cool groomsmen!

A private time between Joyce and her parents before the bridal pick up games.

Look at the groomsmen at the back, they are so funny!!!

Joyce and her dear sister, both are pretty ladies!

The “J” and “A” balloons are good props for photo-taking!

I think Joyce and her bridesmaids are professional models.

Can you see the gentleman on the left is doing his very best to blow the bubbles? May be Joyce would like to thank him for his hard work after viewing this photo! : )

Joyce’s father’s happy tears during the ceremony, a very touching moment that should not be missed out!

Since the bridesmaids are all busy with other things, the flower girl got the bouquet finally!! So cute!

The bride and groom’s speech.