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The Adorable Baby Gabby

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When Sam and I first met baby Gabby, we couldn’t help falling in love with her.  Gabby is a typical lovely, chubby baby who can win everyone’s heart! We simply can’t take our eyes off her. Instead of shooting baby Gabby alone, Gabbly’s mom, Wendy, was included in some of the photos, but I intentionally kept her presence in a subtle way. Wendy’s hug and gentle touch on Gabby enrich the overall content of the photos. That’s the love between a mom and her daughter.

At time of chaos, while so many political controversies surrounding us making everyone annoyed, I hope Gabby’s photos could give you a break - to smile and to refresh! Cheers!!!
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Pregancy photos for Novia – It’s all about timing


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Every pregnant woman has some kind of natural beauty. Their faces are filled with love, hope and happiness. The expected delivery date for Novia was early December, 2011; however I was busy with my wedding in November and not available to take photos for her. I finally made it right after I landed HK from my honeymoon trip , it was just one week before she gave born to her baby boy. The photos were taken at her home, and thanks to the beautiful lighting from the big window, we were able to take most of the photos within a very tiny space at her room. Thanks Novia for being my model, I know it is not easy to be posed with a big big tummy.

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