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Kelvyna and Tsui Fung in Japan

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Many people say Sakura is so beautiful that once you saw it, you will never miss it next time when you visit Japan. In early April this year, I was so glad to have a post-wedding shooting session for my best friends, Kelvyna and Tsui Fung . Early April was supposed to be the best timing for seeing Sakura in Japan, unluckily, Sakura was yet to bloom in Kyoto at the time we visited. Even worse was that we met a typhoon on the day we did photo shooting in Kyoto. Facing such an adverse situation with heavy rainfall, we could only shoot some indoor portraits in a restaurant with available light from window. Luckily, the sun came out in late afternoon which gave us last chance to take pictures at the Sagano area. Surprisingly, the “after rain” sunshine was particularly refreshing which enable us to shoot a number of lovely photos within just one hour before the sun completely went away. On the next day, we decided to visit Wakayama where Sakura were blooming. Kelvyna and Fung look so gorgeous under the Sakura trees. We had a great time there.

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