cindy and philip's wedding

It has been some time that I haven’t uploaded any photos here, and from time to time my friends and clients asked about this. I confess that it is because I have been so busy last year and could hardly squeeze any time to update my page. Sorry everyone for keep you waiting!

Today, I suddenly think of the wedding of Philip and Cindy so I decided to share their photos with you. It was a happy wedding back in 2012. Yes, it was 2012, but just recently Cindy told me once again how much she loves the photos as they captured all the precious moments, her laughter and tears on this very important day in her life. Time flies, Cindy has become a caring mother of a little boy. I sincerely wish that I could capture the happy faces of her family with my camera once again! Cindy and Philip, I owe you a set of family photos! Let’s do it!

This Kwa means a lot to Cindy, because it was actually the wedding dress that her mom wore back to 30+ years ago.